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Steve Rath

Blue Wave Recruiting
Senior Sourcer
I consider myself a Sourcing Cognoscente - My expertise is in Sourcing, Recruiting, and building relationships,mwhile passionate about creating positive candidate experiences (my other client).  I’m always networking...
Here are the 3 phases of my career:
I originally started out as a Software Developer working on propriety
internal apps of IBM’s mainframes (MVS/VM machines).  
I made a significant career change from Software to
the Staffing Industry as an Account/Business Development rep.
 In 2005, I transitioned into Recruiting and with a more technical focus on Sourcing.   
I have a unique combination of Corporate Recruiting/Sourcing, Agency Sales/New Business Development, and Technical Software development.  I offer my expertise in best practices, recruiting and sourcing efficiencies, and training.  I have assisted and presented at several ERE Conferences, GAPS 2011 Conference, Sourcing Lab speaker at SourceCon (2010 and  2014), and OnRec's Recruiting Expo 2010.  Worked 3 years on
Board of Directors for TAG Recruiting in Atlanta (Technology Association of Georgia).
I’ve been associated with many cool companies over the recent years:  Tesla, Dolby Laboratories, Turner (TBS/CNN/Cartoon Network/Turner Sports), Pandora, Yik Yak, Informatica, International Game Technologies (IGT), Microsoft, etc.  
I love what I do as I’m personally involved with locating and converting talented prospects into impactful employees.